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We live in turbulent times full of uncertainties, challenges and opportunities. In the middle of this turmoil beauty offers stability. Beauty is untouchable. An object of beauty radiates simplicity, has a clear underlying design concept and excites the observer. Careful design makes and shapes your living environment. It survives the changes in style and taste. It’s a rock of continuity. It is our mission to create products of a timeless beauty. Our cabinets stay with families for a long time.

That relation is only durable if the cabinet is really yours. The real value of our furniture origins with your contribution in it’s composition. We inspire you to compose a cabinet according to your own specific demand and taste. Furniture of Pastoe is the result of a special collaboration between you and us. And the cabinets are our continuous concern. Every day we help a customer with a lost or broken part of a cabinet out of our 105 year collection.

The Pastoe Orphanage is different. The Orphanage collection contains cabinets that had a past as showroom model, have been to a furniture fair or cabinets which have been omitted from our collection. The cabinets are as new and can be bought for an attractive price. Check the website for the current collection. You can also pass by our Factory showroom in Houten. Make an appointment at https://pastoeservice.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

The Pastoe team

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