A'dammer roldeurkast staand 55 breed (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 55 breed (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 55 breed (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer Staand (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 37 breed (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 37 breed (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 37 breed (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 37 breed (6589534208097) (6593587478625)
A'dammer roldeurkast staand 37 breed (6589534208097) (6593587478625)

A'dammer Cabinet 55

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Een Dutch Design Klassieker die over de hele wereld verkocht wordt.


55 breed - 170/205/221 hoog



+ voeg eventueel een grid toe


buiten: alle 30 basic/structure kleuren

binnen: alle 30 structure kleuren

Staat je gewenste kleur er niet tussen? Bestel je kast dan als ''eigen kleur'' en geef je kleuren door in de opmerkingen (winkelwagentje), per telefoon of mail.

Garantie: 10 jaar

SKU: A55

Ontwerper: Aldo van de Nieuwelaar


Since 2021 delivery in the European Union is free of charge. We can offer mounting and assembly service in the Netherlands or Belgium. In the rest of the European Union we can only deliver our products to your doorstep.

Delivery costs

EU: All deliveries are free
Europe no EU: €50 (below €750) and €100 (above €750)
Intercontinental: €100 (below €750) and €300 (above €750)

All prices include VAT. We apply the delivery conditions DAP. The recipient will be contacted by our local partner to arrange customs clearance, after which you will be requested to pay the local duties, taxes and fees for customs clearance. This means extra costs in for example the UK, Switserland or Norway. 

Outside Europe we can calculate shipping on request. Send an e-mail to sales@pastoe.com for more information.

Delivery time

Our Logistics department plans our routes (for netherlands or belgium) during the weekend. All orders in before thursday 17:00 will be planned the weekend after. This applies to orders without modifications or repairs. We aim to plan your delivery (and assembly) within 4 weeks after completing your order. This depends on how busy it is. Usually the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.
You can also pick up your purchase at our factory yourself, then you will receive a 5% discount. Use the code pickup@pastoe in your basket.
Components which don't require painting (like hinges and snappers) will be send within 5 working days.

Deliver disassembled

Consider carefully whether the cabinet can be delivered and installed in its entirety. We can deliver the Landscape, Frame and L-Series series disassembled and assemble them at your home (only in the Netherlands and Belgium). The series Vision, A'dammer and Noon can not be disassembled. We can arrange a removal lift in the Netherlands, which costs approximately €100 extra.


Pastoe makes high-quality furniture, that is how we distinguish ourselves. The products are made with care in Houten (the Netherlands). Our suppliers are generally located close to us, and we have been working with them for a long time. The products are extensively checked before they leave our factory. Products from our Orphanage are: showroom models, cabinets from cancelled orders, products with small production errors, stock surplus or returns due to transport damage and then refurbished.
All cabinets are Pastoe approved and undamaged. If there is damage (or a special situation), we will explicitly note this in the product description.
You can come and check the cabinet at our factory and showroom in Houten - Sleepboot 4. You may request extra photo’s at sales@pastoe.com

Warranty & Returns

We offer a 10-year warranty on all moving parts, quality of paint and materials used. Replacement parts are usually available after 10 years, we keep a stock. You can exchange or return your product within 14 days after day of delivery, we take care of the transport back to us, you pay the return transport costs of € 150. The entire product will be replaced in the event of damage caused by transport. If you have caused damage to the product yourself during use, please contact us and we will investigate the best solution together. We can also give you advice on the maintenance of the furniture. You can reach us at service@pastoe.com or +31 30 258 5555.

Appointments & Reservations

It's not possible to make a reservation on our Orphanage models. Make an appointment at our factory & showroom in Houten with this link if you would like to see the product.

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